Southern Africa

Sea Sunday Service in the Port Of Durban

This important service on the maritime calendar was once again celebrated in the heart of the Port of Durban at N Shed Passenger Terminal, Ocean Terminal on 24 July 2016. The reason for commemorating Sea Sunday is to pay tribute to those who work on ships, large or small, in ports and also those organisations…

Issues to Consider when Sending Family to Support Sick Crewmember

Markus McMillin, a San Francisco-based claims executive for UK P&I Club, reviews the issues to consider when family members travel to support a sick or injured crewmember.

Keeping Mariners Safe from Zika

We are offering every seafarer around the globe free access to Videotel’s new training video: “Zika Virus – Staying Safe”

International Day of Seafarers
The Durban Sailors Society Team at the International Day of the Seafarer. Jessie John (ship visitor) Chris Nichol (member) Andre Welgemoed (member) Rev Paul Richardson  (chaplain).

The Interenational day of the seafarer was celebrated on 25 July at the Seafarers Mission. Rev Thami Tembe led the worship service in the chapel and catering was done for visiting seafarers.