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Sailors’ Society helps with Disaster at Sea

‘I was trapped under the capsized boat for 7 hours. It was dark and cold and I thought I was going to die. I wanted to move but could not get up; I could not move my legs.” These were the words of one of the crew members who were rescued when the chokka [squid]…

Sea Sunday 2017 in the Port of Durban

Here are some photos taken at the Sea Sunday Service in the Port of Durban. Just click on an images to open one of the three galleries.

Port Chaplains Step in to Help

A Taiwanese vessel, the Fuh No. 6 caught fire off the Madagascan coast and on 11 July the crew of 30 were rescued by two vessels, the SBI Antares and the Ever Diadem after the crew abandoned ship on two liferafts. They were brought to Durban. Two crew members were airlifted by helicopter to a…

Share Your Christmas with a Seafarer Mugs and Mitten Knitters Wanted

To those who knit: when you watch TV during the long evenings, please remember the seafarers and help us collect fingerless mittens. They are not only popular but vital – working outdoors on ships can be icy cold – and we need enough to fill at least 1200 Christmas parcels! To those who have knitted…

International Sea Sunday


Port of Durban

23rd July 2017 ‘N’ Shed

1100 hours

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